Killing Abortionists Is Moral

A Threat of Deadly Force against an Innocent Engenders a Moral Duty to Defend

For nearly fifty years now, opponents of abortion have been making increasingly weak claims. I do not mean to say that the central argument on the anti-abortion1 side (i.e., that a fetus is a human being worthy of protection) has been watered down or adulterated; rather, I mean to contend that the anti-abortion side has been decreasingly forceful in condemning abortion and often all but silent when it comes to the necessary, logical consequences of what anti-abortionists believe. I intend to address both of these issues with this article.

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War of Words

Words and their meanings are of the utmost importance. Those who control the language control the future. We must not allow the Left to dictate terms and their usage.

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The West Is Burning

On 19 December 2016, a Muslim terrorist drove a semi truck through a Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin. This particular Weihnachtsmarkt takes place every year in the Breitscheidplatz, a plaza in the shadow of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. Eleven people died and many more were injured. Had the attack occurred one day earlier (to the hour), I would not now be writing this article.

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Zionist, White Nationalist, Hypocrite

If You Support Israel as a Jewish State, Then You Must Also Support White Nationalism

There are many in the US (and elsewhere in the West1) who support the existence of Israel as a Jewish state2 (i.e., Zionism). If asked whether they support White Nationalism, these same individuals would largely3 answer in the negative. However, a single person cannot hold these two positions simultaneously without being an utter hypocrite4.

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The Muslim: Hostis Humani Generis

How Islam Is Different, and Why It Matters

In 630AD, at the Battle of Awtas, Muslim forces, numbering some twelve thousand or so, engaged a coalition formed to oppose the militaristic expansion of Islam. The outcome of the battle was decisive in favor of the Muslims. As part of the spoils of war, a number of women were captured.

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Blessing and Curse

Those who support the current State of Israel should note that American support of Israel has, in a practical sense, not decreased, whereas both support for the church and American power and greatness have diminished in recent decades. We bless "Israel", and yet we appear to be cursed. For those with an accurate understanding of the Scriptures, this is no surprise:

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The Nihilistic Left

How Leftists around the World Care Only for Themselves

Democrats, and Leftists more generally, stand for nothing; they have neither principle nor ideology. There is but one concern of the Left: their own power. That which increases or entrenches the power of the Left is viewed as good, and that which diminishes, or even merely threatens, the power of the Left is viewed as bad.

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Right versus Left: Good versus Evil

We have, for some decades now, improperly framed the conflict between Right and Left. We are not facing a loyal opposition who merely hold ideas different from our own. We are engaged in a life-or-death struggle between order and chaos, between good and evil.

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Unjustifiable Abortions Are Morally Impermissible

  1. Human life has a beginning and an end.
    1. Both of these (i.e., the beginning and the end) are morally salient.
  2. Murder is the wrongful killing of one human being by another.
  3. Conception represents a change in kind, not merely in degree.
  4. Death represents a change in kind, not merely in degree.
  5. Both the beginning and the end of life are a change in kind, not merely in degree.
  6. There is no other change in kind in human life; all other changes are merely in degree.
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ThinkProgress Hit Piece

And Leftists Wonder Why No One Trusts the Media

It would appear that ThinkProgress has published a hit piece on me. The article ends with the following:

Mahler did not respond to ThinkProgress’ requests for comment on Thursday.

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