The American Nationalist Movement: An Inflection Point

The American Nationalist movement is currently rudderless, adrift on a sea of perils where every shore offers opportunity if only one can be reached. We are leaderless1, our platform is non-existent, and our plans are underdeveloped or wholly absent. Wars are won or lost on resources, logistics, and strategy, in that order, and make no mistake: We are at war.

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I did not want to write this piece. For my part, I believe it would be better if Hugh Hefner were allowed to fade into the mists of time, history serving to erase both his evil and his name from the surface of the Earth and the memory of the human race. However, there are those who have taken a different tack, and so a rebuttal must be lodged. On the one hand, there are those who praise Mr. Hefner for his ‘advancement’ of the so-called “sexual revolution”; on the other hand, there are those who condemn Mr. Hefner’s actions but stop short of condemning the man. Both camps are mistaken.
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The Theology of Hell

There is, perhaps, no more contentious part of Christian theology than Hell. Other parts of the theology1 occasionally cause controversy (particularly in our increasingly immoral and decadent society in the West), but little can compare with the assertion that all who do not believe will be judged, condemned by their lack of belief, and damned to an eternity of suffering. Nevertheless, Hell remains a centrally important part of Christian theology and warrants substantial consideration.

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Stages of Existence

For humans, existence progresses through six stages; these stages are as follows:

  1. creation,
  2. embodiment,
  3. life,
  4. death,
  5. judgement, and
  6. eternity.

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Net Neutrality: Capacity, Inefficiency, and Cost

Net neutrality1 will, almost certainly, increase the cost of end-consumer2 connections. The logic behind this is simple and requires only minimal understanding of economics; in short: requiring equal treatment of all data will mean that capacity increases will be the only way to ensure quality of service for important or time-sensitive data3; such increases in capacity will, necessarily, be inefficient4; increased inefficiency means increased operating costs5; and the consumer always pays.

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Modern Environmentalism

While there is no shortage of blame to go around when it comes to environmental issues and environmental policy, the over politicization of environmental matters falls squarely on the shoulders of those pushing the global warming (or climate change or whatever the term du jour happens to be) narrative. That the Earth’s climate is changing is undeniable, the science insofar as that is concerned is fairly settled and the conclusion well supported, but whether or not that change is an artifact of human industrial and technological advance is another matter entirely. However, arguendo, let’s assume that that anthropogenic climate change hypothesis is correct.

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Rising Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription drug prices in the US are, to say the least, unpleasantly high. Now, there are a plethora of reasons for this (e.g., use of brand-name drugs over generics, long waits on approvals for new drugs), but one that could be easily addressed is blatant price gouging. Pharmaceutical companies routinely charge more in the US for the same drugs that are available in other parts of the world at vastly lower prices. Here’s a single sentence proposal for a law to address that problem:

“Any pharmaceutical company, or company offering products in the pharmaceutical category, operating in the US, or any territory or possession thereof, or which is subject to US law, must offer its products on an MFN basis to US consumers and businesses.”

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