Racism or Racialism; Nuance and Truth


I have, in the past, distinguished racism and racialism; I do not believe that this was or is wrong, but I do believe that it is not the confession that is required today. In times of testing or confession, we must be maximally clear with our statements and with our terms, and undue ‘nuance’ actually works against clarity or comprehensibility. It is one thing to meticulously define terms in an academic context, but it is another entirely to attempt to do so before the mass of the common men — in the latter context, that which would be appropriate or even necessary in the former context may prove misleading or confusing, and must, therefore, be avoided. It is in this spirit that I affirm the following: I am a racist.

As a concession to reality and to circumstances as we find them ‘on the ground’, as it were, I add the following caveat: I reject any definition of the term “racist” offered by our enemies. I do not accept theology from Satan; I do not accept definitions from Marxists, his children. I view racism as wholly positive. We would not call the preferencing of one’s family members ‘familialism’ (although wicked men have introduced “nepotism” into our culture and thinking); similarly, we should not need a term such as “racism”, but neither should we need such terms as “Pelagian”, “Manichaean”, or “Trinitarian”, but the actions of wicked men sometimes necessitate a response that includes labelling their evil (e.g., Unitarianism) or labelling the good in response or contrast to it (e.g., racism). Properly understood, racism is simply the outer ring or circle of storge [Latin: pietas], of familial love. We love our parents as our closest family, then siblings, then cousins, then kinsmen (to include all members of our race). This flows both from nature and from the Fourth Commandment. To hate or to fail to preference those groups in this order is to be astorgosworse than an unbeliever — and abhorrent — to be an abomination.

We are Christians because that is our duty to God; we are racists because that is our duty to nation. And all duties flow from God. To fail to be racist is to fail to uphold the order of creation as established by God, to fail to uphold the Fourth Commandment as written by the finger of God, and to become astorgos — a thing more demon than man. We can no more yield on this matter than we could yield on the truth that Christ is both fully man and fully God.

Against all the devils of Hell, against all the skinsuits they animate, and against every diseased mind and blackened soul they have corrupted, we will maintain our love for our race, because God has made us who and what we are — and so we will remain in eternity. We are not German, Scottish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, or American according only to the flesh or as accident of birth; to each man belongs his race as a precious, inestimable, irreplaceable gift from the hand of God and preserved by faithful ancestors. To betray one’s race ranks amongst the greatest of evils, worthy of a place in Hell beside Judas, Brutus, and those who betrayed their family, friends, and nations to the Red Terror. Once lost, a race may never be recovered. Our race ranks among our most precious possessions; we should be — and are — willing to make any sacrifice to preserve this precious deposit God has entrusted to our care. Against all the prophets of modernism, against all the evangelists of internationalism, and against all the acolytes of Marxism, Communism, and Judaism, we will maintain both the reality and paramount importance of race. A Turk cannot create more Germans or a Haitian more Americans any more than a rat could create more eagles or a gorilla more tigers. It is God Who has set the borders of nations, and He has done so to preserve the purity of blood without which no nation can endure. Those who seek to or corrupt the blood of a nation are chief among murderers, for they murder not just individuals, but entire families, clans, tribes, nations, futures. The internationalizing Jew and the miscegenating Marxist are both enemies of all that is good and beautiful and true. Against such evils, no weapon or tool is morally impermissible.

If our words seem strident, we offer no apology, for we have been forced to this present state of affairs by the legions of Hell, the mass of collaborators, and the wickedness of those who came before us and failed to appose these evils. A winsome word in the face of great wickedness is wickedness itself. Where evil has lulled men into complacency or apathy, it becomes incumbent upon those who see clearly to speak with even greater clarity and force. We will not become complicit in the evils of our time — certainly not by active participation, but also neither by silence nor by the mincing of words. It is racism alone that preserves and defends nations, and he who preserves and defends the work of the hands of the Almighty becomes himself the hands of the Almighty in such work.

May God grant repentance to those who are yet blind. May He preserve us from this wicked generation and from all the host of Hell. We are outnumbered and overmatched in every way save one — the Lord God is on our side. Whether we live as confessors or die as martyrs belongs to the Lord, but we will do our duty and work so long as any sun remains. May God grant us victory to the glory of His Name and the chagrin of Hell. Come what may, we will affirm His justice in punishing our apostasy as a nation or His mercy in turning the hearts of our countrymen back to the Truth. In all this, our consciences are clear.

Soli Deo Gloria.