Interest-Free Food, Medicine, and Hygiene Purchases

A Modest Proposal to Alleviate Some of the Financial Hardship from COVID-19

Let us get right down to the point: There is going to be a disparate impact of COVID-19 on the poor (and on small business owners, but that is a separate consideration). Some will undoubtedly find it difficult to pay their bills. We should absolutely not have any who go hungry because they have had their hours cut or their place of employment is closed due to the pandemic. Thankfully, there are many charities that will help to take up some of the slack; however, I would like to make a minor legal proposal to help address this and future pandemics:

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War with Iran Is Not “America First”

US Domestic Interests Should Take Precedence over Foreign Adventurism

You will never see me place an Iranian flag in my name on Twitter, in any of my social media profiles, or any other such nonsense. I find such ‘irony’ to be too close to virtue signaling for my tastes. I do not support and will not defend Iran; I have repeatedly and publicly made clear my stance on Islam — I have even called for a Tenth Crusade. I am no friend of Islam or of the Muslim world, and yet I cannot support this (actual and escalating) war against Iran.

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International Trade: Hypocrisy and Lies

Human Beings Are Not Interchangeable Widgets

International trade is built upon a simple premise: Just as it makes sense to go to the butcher instead of the baker when purchasing sausages, so, too, certain countries will prove better at producing certain goods and services. This central premise is, of course, true, but in only the most trivial sense; by this, I mean that it is true in the same way that it would be true to claim that a Greyhound with all his limbs will almost certainly outrun a Dachshund with only three legs. This is, of course, true, but so what?

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Proper and Improper Authority

As Christ is the Head of the Church, so man is the head of woman. As one should not be ruled by one’s stomach or other baser urges, so man should not be ruled by woman. It is not a matter of domineering on the part of men over women; rather, it is a matter of overruling attempts by women to domineer men.

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Killing Abortionists Is Moral

A Threat of Deadly Force against an Innocent Engenders a Moral Duty to Defend

For nearly fifty years now, opponents of abortion have been making increasingly weak claims. I do not mean to say that the central argument on the anti-abortion1 side (i.e., that a fetus is a human being worthy of protection) has been watered down or adulterated; rather, I mean to contend that the anti-abortion side has been decreasingly forceful in condemning abortion and often all but silent when it comes to the necessary, logical consequences of what anti-abortionists believe. I intend to address both of these issues with this article.

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War of Words

Words and their meanings are of the utmost importance. Those who control the language control the future. We must not allow the Left to dictate terms and their usage.

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The West Is Burning

On 19 December 2016, a Muslim terrorist drove a semi truck through a Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin. This particular Weihnachtsmarkt takes place every year in the Breitscheidplatz, a plaza in the shadow of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche. Eleven people died and many more were injured. Had the attack occurred one day earlier (to the hour), I would not now be writing this article.

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Zionist, White Nationalist, Hypocrite

If You Support Israel as a Jewish State, Then You Must Also Support White Nationalism

There are many in the US (and elsewhere in the West1) who support the existence of Israel as a Jewish state2 (i.e., Zionism). If asked whether they support White Nationalism, these same individuals would largely3 answer in the negative. However, a single person cannot hold these two positions simultaneously without being an utter hypocrite4.

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The Muslim: Hostis Humani Generis

How Islam Is Different, and Why It Matters

In 630AD, at the Battle of Awtas, Muslim forces, numbering some twelve thousand or so, engaged a coalition formed to oppose the militaristic expansion of Islam. The outcome of the battle was decisive in favor of the Muslims. As part of the spoils of war, a number of women were captured.

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Blessing and Curse

Those who support the current State of Israel should note that American support of Israel has, in a practical sense, not decreased, whereas both support for the church and American power and greatness have diminished in recent decades. We bless "Israel", and yet we appear to be cursed. For those with an accurate understanding of the Scriptures, this is no surprise:

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