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The iWork suite is Apple’s answer to Microsoft Office. The iWork suite has three applications:


Pages is the iWork suite’s word processor. What it does, it does well. The UI is drastically simpler than Word (though not as simple as Ulysses or iA Writer). While Pages does not have all of the features of Word, it does have all of the features that the vast majority of users will ever need or use. Anyway, if you’re doing complex academic or legal writing, you should really be using something other than Word to manage your sources and bibliography. Perhaps the best selling point for Pages is this: It doesn’t have Word’s infuriating quirkiness. If you apply a new paragraph style or change something on one page, you don’t have to worry that your entire document will reformat itself or otherwise create hours of headache because you wanted to change one small bit of text.


Numbers is the iWork suite’s spreadsheet manager. Again, the features that are present are functional and work precisely as expected. However, Numbers falls far short of Excel in that Numbers does not support pivot tables or scripting. This will be an obvious deal-breaker for power users, but anyone else should find the feature set of Numbers to be more than adequate for most tasks.


Keynote is the iWork suite’s presentation manager. Perhaps more than the other two applications in the suite, Keynote shines through as a true Apple product. While it doesn’t sport the bewildering menu options present in PowerPoint, it is hands down a better piece of software. With Keynote, you will be able to create presentations in less time than in PowerPoint, and they will look better. Pair Keynote for macOS together with Keynote for iOS and you’ll have wireless control over your presentations right from your iPhone or iPad. No more awkward remotes or having to walk back over to your laptop to change slides.


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