Become What the Enemy Fears

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If you are reading this article, then you are undoubtedly politically Right wing — I do not need to convince you to join me on the right side of the political plane. However, the majority of those on the Right would not (presently) be comfortable calling themselves Authoritarian. Naturally, this would mean that they are Right Libertarians (or at least claim to be so):

My goal with this article is not to convince you that Libertarianism (Right no less than Left) is incompatible with Christianity (or even with basic morality and human decency) — I have already done that elsewhere; rather, I wish to convince you that you already lean Authoritarian — and you should affirm the fullness instead of playing in the shallow end of the pool.

Do you hold that marriage is the sexual union of one man and one woman? The affirmative answer is the Authoritarian position. If you think this should be enshrined in the law, then you are even further up the scale. Do you hold that children should be shielded from sexually explicit material? The affirmative answer is the Authoritarian position. If you oppose pornography entirely, then you are much further up the scale. Do you oppose the legalization or deregulation of ‘hard’ drugs? The affirmative answer is the Authoritarian position. If you generally oppose recreational drugs1, then you are much further up the scale. Do you support safety regulations (e.g., air or water quality laws), regulation of major corporations (particularly monopolies), or consumer-protection laws? The affirmative answer is the Authoritarian position. The stricter the regulations you would support, the more Authoritarian you are. Do you oppose sex trafficking or sex slavery? The affirmative answer is the Authoritarian position. If you oppose all prostitution, then you are much further up the scale.

So far, so good. But now I am going to say something that will enrage some of you and cause many of you to become defensive: You have been lied to your entire life, and — to varying degrees — you have made these lies your own, and you have very likely even defended or advocated these lies. What comes to mind when I say “Fascist” or “Fascism”? I very highly doubt you could explain what Fascism actually is, but you probably think that you oppose it — because you have been programmed to blindly oppose (or even to hate) this thing about which you most likely know vanishingly little. Do you even know the origin of the term? It comes from “fasces” — a symbol used by Rome:

If you are American, you can hardly object to the symbol, for it is found all over our country and her symbols:

The fasces is simply a symbol of power and authority. Fascism, then, is simply Right-wing Authoritarianism. If you answered the earlier questions in the affirmative, then you are, technically speaking, a Fascist. Do you now hate yourself? Are you going to change your earlier answers?

You were programmed to hate Fascism because it serves as a proxy for all Right-wing forms of Authoritarianism; in fact, the terms are essentially synonymous at this point. But why do they want — why do they need — you to hate Fascism? They need you to hate Fascism because Right Authoritarianism is the only counter to Left Totalitarianism. If your enemy slips and (or is so foolish that) he tells you what he fears, then you would do well to listen:

To be clear: “Fascism” (in our day) does not mean any particular Right Authoritarian system or ideology — it simply refers to most of that quadrant (and sometimes all of it). We already established that you are a Right Authoritarian; consequently, you condemn yourself (and all your fellows) every time you condemn “Fascism”. Quite the dirty trick our enemies played on you, but nowhere near as awful as what they plan to do to you in the future if they are not stopped — by Fascism.

Our enemy wants you to have a visceral, emotional, unthinking reaction to all the terms that described what can stop him — Fascism, Authoritarianism, Nationalism. He wants you to remain atomized, powerless, and asleep. In war, the enemy gets a vote in whether or not hostilities have begun and, once begun, in whether or not hostilities have ceased. Our enemies have made abundantly clear that hostilities have begun and that they have no intention of ceasing. Do you think they will spare you if you refuse to take up arms? They will murder (and worse) you, your family, and everyone you love and they will destroy all that you hold dear. And they think that it is funny:

The battle is already raging, brother. Where are you?

Alcohol and nicotine excepted, for obvious reasons. ↩︎