In Christ, Our Mythology Is Complete


I do not believe that God leaves, or causes, any to walk in darkness. I believe that all men in all ages have been granted glimpses of the Light; for some it has been the mere flashes of a candle at a distance and for others it has been the blinding brilliance of the midday sun, but all have had at least a glimpse of the Truth. The Scriptures and logic both support me in this view:


The heavens declare the glory of God; And firmament shows His handiwork. — Psalms 19:1 (NJKV)


An Omnibenevolent God would not hide Himself from His children, least of all when there is a Hell.

There is a reason that Christianity was able to convert the European Continent. It was not, as some would claim, simply a matter of the sword[1]. Christianity was able to supplant the Old Faiths as it was their fulfillment, and it is the Truth. The European Peoples have always sought after truth, and it was this that they found in and it was for this reason that they were drawn to Christianity. Our old gods were our explanation for the world given what we had then seen of the Light. When the truth of Christ reached our shores, we embraced it as our desire for truth saw it for what it was: God finally revealing Himself to His true children.

Over a course of centuries, we produced more art, science, and culture in the name of God and the pursuit of His glory than all of humanity together produced in the preceding millennia back to the birth of our species. A lie does not produce the beauty and the majesty of Beethoven's Ninth; only the truth has that power. It was not a lie that raised the cathedrals of Notre Dame, the Hagia Sophia[2], and the Kölner Dom; only the truth has that power to move men and to organize them across centuries of construction. And it was not under the banner of a lie that we drove back the Saracen hordes; only the truth can compel men to such feats, and will spur men to do so again when we drive back the Crescent and retake our ancestral homelands under the banner of the Cross.

I believe, as did the Founding Fathers and many of our European forebears, that God presented Himself to us in two revelations: the second, and arguably the lesser of the two revelations, is the Bible; the first, and arguably God's greatest and most glorious work, is Nature. Only the Europeans, of all the peoples of this Earth, truly understood the first revelation. Without access to the second revelation, we interpreted the first as best we could. Intuitively grasping that we are made in the image of God, we created gods in our image. Our mythology is all to the glory of God. Our innate and inextricable reverence for the natural world is an expression of our unique intuition that it is the natural world, more than anything else, that reveals to us the face of God.

To gaze upon the vastness of the sea, to lose oneself in the depths of a forest, to stand in awe of the stars on the night of the winter solstice, or to stand before a tree that was ancient when Christ walked the Earth is to come closer to God than any scholar who locks himself away from the natural world to drown himself in words. God's Word reveals to us His plan, but it is Nature that reveals to us His truth. Our ancestors were not misguided in their reverence for — even if they were misdirected in their worship of — Nature, for the God of the Bible is Nature's God and Nature is His first and greatest work.

We are made in God's image; it is from this, the imago Dei, that all rights and all morals are derived. In calling themselves sons and daughters of Nature, our ancestors, again, intuited the truth. For we are of Nature and we are made in the image of Nature's God. To be made in the image of God is to possess the same spark of creation whence all flowed. Upon our continent arose and from our continent flowed the whole of the modern world. It was our genius that took man to the moon, that plumbed the depths of the ocean, and unlocked many of the secrets of Nature, and it is our genius that shall take men to the stars. In us, the creative spark gifted by Nature and Nature's God reached its fullest potential.

When Christianity arrived upon European soil, it was only the second of God's revelations — words on a page and stories relayed by men. It was European thought, European philosophy that gave flesh to the bones. Even as we raised great cathedrals into the sky, we also constructed the theological underpinnings of the faith. Upon a foundation of millennia of Western thought, we built a Church that respected tradition, defended our Volk, and gave glory to God. There is an unbroken chain from the Ancient Greeks and Romans through the theologians of the Middle Ages and then to us, here and now. Our greatest minds have taken the ancient roots of our Culture and our People and shown that they are not at odds with the God of the Bible, but rather that they were the groundwork necessary for our ancestors acceptance of the Faith when it finally found them. Augustine and Leibniz are not a rejection of Plato and Aristotle, but a continuation of the story, our story.

Though born[3] in Judea, Christianity did not truly have a home until it reached Europe. As Christians, we are God's chosen people. To defend the Cross is to defend the West and to defend the West is to defend the Cross. When we say "Christendom" we mean the West, for they are synonymous, their borders coterminous. Europe and Christianity share a future; their fates are entwined. Just as no true Christian can abandon Europe, so, too, no true European can abandon the Cross.

We are faced today, as our ancestors were repeatedly in the past, with an invasion of our homelands by uncivilized, barbarian hordes. These heathens neither know our God nor respect His Nature, and they bring ruin to all they touch. We have broken them and driven them out of our homelands before, and we shall do so again. Our banners are many, our colors as all the hues of a rising sun, but we have always been able to unite under one banner. In hoc signo vinces. Gott mit uns. Deus vult.

Our gods did not leave us, He simply revealed Himself. We do not betray our ancestors or pervert our Culture when we worship the one, true God. Christianity is not a veneer laid over a pagan structure; rather, Christianity is the beating heart of our Culture and it is the soul of our Volk. Our God in His glory and in His majesty has revealed Himself to us, bit by bit, over the course of our long and unrivalled history. Our veneration of His Nature and our grasping after the truth are as much a part of who we are today as it was a part of who our ancestors were millennia ago. We may no longer call Him Odin or seek intercession from Wotan, but our God is as He has ever been and we are, as we have ever been, His true People.

We do not honor our ancestors or serve the interests of our People when we deny truths we have known for centuries. Presented with God's words in the Bible and the truth of Christ, our ancestors created a Civilization such as the Earth had theretofore never known. European thought forms the foundation of that Civilization, but it does so with Christianity. Neither can be extracted from the other for they are both the truth, they are halves of one whole, and, together, form the very ground upon which we stand. Just as a tree torn from its roots inevitably withers and dies, so, too, must the West perish without Christianity. Naturally, the reverse holds equally true: Without the West, Christianity will wither and die.

It falls to us to defend Nature and Nature's God. It is our sacred duty either to succeed or to die in the attempt. As our ancestors before us, if we are to see victory, it shall be under the one symbol that unifies us all: the Cross.

  1. Though I shall not deny for a moment that violence attended some of Christianity's ascension. ↩︎

  2. Which we will one day reclaim. ↩︎

  3. Reborn, if we are being technical. ↩︎