Where Ideology Trumps Both Common Sense and Basic Decency


The utter hostility of the American Left to basic reality would be staggering if it weren't so predictable. Does anyone believe for even a moment that allowing men who 'identify' as women access to intimate settings (e.g., showers and sleeping quarters) with actual women (and sometimes children) won't result in sexual and other assaults? The idea would be laughable if it weren't actively and pervasively harmful.

"One of the guests at a rescue mission overheard someone on the street saying, 'Dude, if you go down to the rescue mission and tell them you're transgender, you can sleep in the women's dorm and even shower with them,'" said John Ashmen, president of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions.

Transgender rules for homeless shelters spark firestorm

The American Left continually claims to care for the sick, the poor, and the downtrodden; apparently this "care" doesn't extend to women and children fleeing abusive homes and living the precarious and vulnerable life of homelessness. Denying these vulnerable members of society the relative safety of a homeless shelter is despicable, all the more so when that denial is premised on delusional beliefs about reality.