The Scope and Nature of Duty


For all of humanity’s tens of thousand of years of history, a very simple truth has served as the bedrock upon which tribes, cities, States, Civilizations, and Cultures have been founded: family trump strangers. If a human being must choose between a family member or a stranger, all else being held equal, the natural, and, indeed, moral, choice is to choose the family member. From family, this simple rule extends outward via growing, concentric circles: from family to tribe, from tribe to People, and from People to Civilization. Unset from this foundation, no Civilization can long survive, and tribe-based conflict must inevitably result.

In the West, Rightists push for family, faith, and Volk. This is a platform for those who fundamentally understand that a Nation is more than a random mass of people who happen to live within certain geographic borders and that the People are more than consumers and the Nation more than a market. In opposition to[1] this view stand Leftists. Divorced of belief in anything higher than the State, Leftists view family as malleable and relative (homosexual ‘marriage’ is just as good as monogamous, heterosexual marriage and a childless couple who use abortion as birth control are just as good as a husband and wife with three children); values, including religion, as relative and equal[2] (the homicidal pedophile, rapist, and thief who founded Islam is just as good as Jesus Christ and the Islamic world is just as good as Christendom and all ‘truth’ is relative); and the composition and Culture of the Nation as irrelevant (tens of millions of illegal aliens[3] are just as good as native-born children).

For the Left, humans are merely consumers and the Nation merely a market; this is the root cause of the obsession on the Left with economic ‘inequality’, particularly income inequality. For the Leftist, all problems are solvable via wealth redistribution and Government programs. The Rightest recognizes that this is not now, nor has it ever been, true.

For the Right, the People are the Nation, and, it naturally follows, the latter cannot exist without the former. While the Rightist recognizes that economic growth is important, he also recognizes that the true value of life is not measured in dollars[4] and cents. For the Rightist, problems must be solved not by the Government but by individuals, by families, and by religious and social groups. The role of the Government is minimal, if vital, and resort to Government programs should be a last resort, not first.

We are at a crossroads in the West, we can choose to believe that throwing wide the gates and tearing down our walls will create a better world, that Nations and Peoples are irrelevant, and that Culture is meaningless or we can repair to our walls, rebuild our ramparts, and protect our thousands of years of Culture, of Civilization, and of advancement secure in the belief that the People are not merely consumers and the Nation is not merely a market. We shall have only one chance to get this right. If the Left succeed with their current plans, there will be nothing left of the West to salvage, only memories haunting as ghosts among the ashes of a once-great Civilization burnt from within by a fifth column we lacked the courage to confront.

We owe it to our ancestors to preserve all for which they fought, bled, suffered, and died, and we owe it to our children, grandchildren, and progeny out into the far reaches of an unforeseen future to pass to them a future better than the one our parents and grandparents passed to us.[5]

  1. And, in fact, at enmity with. ↩︎

  2. Nevermind the complete incoherence of this position. ↩︎

  3. As long as they vote the ‘right’ way, anyway (which they inevitably do). ↩︎

  4. or Euros. ↩︎

  5. This is the sacred pact between grandfathers, fathers, and sons: That the grandfather will leave the father a world better than the one he received with the tacit agreement that the father will do the same for his son and that just as the father preserved and enhanced what was given him by the grandfather, so, too, will the son preserve and enhance what was given him. We are not, any of us, ultimately owners of anything in this world. We are merely life tenants and we hold all in trust for future generations. We have neither right nor license to destroy nor even to degrade what we have been given. ↩︎