Of Cymbals and Mountains


A hallmark of the Left is their disordered loves (if what they exhibit can be called ‘loves’ at all), but, before we turn to the (political) Left, and, from there, to our true point, let us examine another example of disordered love — one that may, perhaps, be easier for some to grasp: promiscuity, or the libido. Post-Fall, the human libido is highly disordered, and this is true of both men and women. The case of woman is both less interesting and less illustrative, so let us turn to the case of man. Properly ordered, the libido of man should be entirely oriented and directed toward his wife; in his post-Fall condition, man’s libido is most certainly not oriented exclusively toward his wife. Men not only desire women other than their wives, but also feel the true strings of temptation pulling them toward adultery — mental and physical —, and this is true of both married and unmarried men. To desire to possess any woman other than one’s wife is a disordered eros, as the libido is designed and supposed to be directed exclusively toward one’s spouse. A similar or analogous sort of disorder plays out with regard to storge (Greek: στοργη).

We see this sort of disorder very clearly among Leftists. To preference the stranger or the alien over family or kin is to demonstrate a profoundly disordered storge, and yet this is precisely what we see with Leftists:

This heatmap shows a very clear preference difference between the Right (preference family and friends over strangers) and the Left (preference strangers over family and friends). Read more here.

God has given us family, tribe, and nation; to preference those more distant over those closer is a violation of a number of Scriptural injunctions — chief among them the Fourth Commandment. From the Fourth Commandment, we can clearly see that not all loves are equal and that there exists a clear hierarchy which radiates outward from closest to furthest. To preference the further over the closer is not merely disordered, but is — often high-handed and impenitent — sin. Leftists are not alone in this pet sin.

Every man who donates to international missions, but not domestic ones, who donates more to international missions than to domestic ones, who adopts alien children instead of those of his own blood, who goes abroad while his neighbor starves or freezes, who pushes for so-called ‘immigration’, or any of a thousand other such things proclaims by his actions his disordered loves — the disorder and the actions flowing from it both being sin. Many go on to compound their sins by calling them good and even bragging about them.

Surely it should help to clarify matters that avowed Marxists who not only deny the existence of God, but hate Him with a burning passion, and supposed Christians agree on such things, but far too many of these supposed Christians simply refuse to see any problem with the fact that they have linked arms with Satan. In truth, pornography addiction (a particularly disordered example of disordered eros) is less destructive than the ‘Christian’ whose seared conscience precludes him from realizing that he is acting from and with a disordered storge; such addicts largely destroy themselves, but the self-righteous xenophiliac destroys entire nations with his wickedness.

All sin is pernicious, destructive, but not equally so — some sins are far more destructive than others. The man who convinces himself that he is a woman and has his penis surgically removed does greater harm to himself than the man who has a few beers too many; similarly, the man who imports millions of aliens into his country believing himself particularly righteous is more harmful than even the most prolific serial rapist or killer.

Both the appetites and the loves were created by God and both can be abused, perverted, subverted, misdirected, ignored, or even weaponized. It is incumbent upon the Christian to ensure that he is acting from a clean and well-ordered conscience. One clear indicator of whether one’s conscience and one’s loves are ordered or disordered is those with whom one has or is making common cause: If you have linked arms with Satan, then you are no longer fighting on the side of God. Repent, while there is time.