Never Cede Territory absent Warrant


Words and their meanings are of the utmost importance. Those who control the language control the future. We must not allow the Left to dictate terms and their usage.

Toward this end, I am advancing that we should henceforward drop (and ridicule) the use of -phobic, when used in regard to the Left's various 'protected' classes (e.g., homosexuals, transsexuals, Muslims).

The combining form "-phobic" comes, as most know, from the Greek word φοβος [phobos] ('fear'). This usage is, of course, inaccurate, as we do not fear these degenerates. I suggest, instead, the use of "-aidic", from the Greek αηδια [aidia] ('disgust, revulsion, abhorrence, distaste').

The use of -aidic instead of -phobic 1) robs the Left of their dictating of terms and their meanings and 2) more accurately represents our position.

I would also suggest the increased use of "antipathy" and "antipathetic", perhaps as a sort of combining form (e.g., "homo-antipathetic") and -echthric, from the Greek εχθρα [echthra] ('hatred, enmity'). So, perhaps, "Islamoëchthric".


  1. I would suggest a long a (ā) for the "ai" in "aidic", not a long i (ī), and a short i for the second "i".
  2. I would suggest pronunciation tending toward the simple English "k" for the "ch" in "echthric", and a short i.

Roughly, then, spelled phonetically: 'ādihk' and 'ehkthrihk'.


So, in short:

  • Do not use, e.g., "homophobic", "transphobic", "Islamophobic".
  • Do use, e.g., "homoäidic", "transaidic", "Islamoëchthric".