How Leftists around the World Care Only for Themselves


Democrats, and Leftists more generally, stand for nothing; they have neither principle nor ideology. There is but one concern of the Left: their own power. That which increases or entrenches the power of the Left is viewed as good, and that which diminishes, or even merely threatens, the power of the Left is viewed as bad.

Many have discovered this when attempting to argue that a stance or a number of stances taken by the Left are inconsistent or hypocritical. Naturally, one who holds no actual beliefs will never view anything he does or says as hypocritical. Where the only concern is power, what was advanced yesterday as ultimate and unchallengeable truth may, today, be abandoned and denigrated as it no longer serves the only function the Left hold dear: the acquisition and the retention of power. Therefore, there will never be a charge of inconsistency, hypocrisy, or duplicity that will hold any meaning for a Democrat.

Democrats claim to care for women, and yet look at the form such 'care' takes: They import millions of violent foreign men who commit tens of thousands of rapes; they promote abortion, which disproportionately affects female babies (and reduces women to nothing more than a reproductive system); and they routinely and viciously attack any women who dare to speak anything but the Democrat Party lines. Democrats claim to care for the poor, and yet look at the form that 'care' takes: They treat the poor as a sort of plantation of votes to which they can always return and upon which they can always count regardless of how they treat them; they import millions of foreigners to compete for jobs, housing, and social services; and they rule numerous cities across the country (where many of the poor are concentrated) like private fiefdoms to be alternatingly exploited and ignored.

There is, in fact, no group for which the Democrats actually care, save themselves. They do not care when Americans are murdered by illegal aliens, because American citizens cannot be counted upon to vote Democrat, whereas illegal aliens can. They do not care when cities are hollowed out and the lower and the middle classes suffer, because they believe they can retain any potentially lost votes by promising social programs on which they cannot possibly deliver. They care least of all about White women, who were simply a voting bloc of convenience to be courted while demographic replacement progressed and then to be tossed aside like an overused, broken toy.

Many fail to recognize Leftism for the consumptive disease it is. Leftism has never built anything; it exists only as a leech, living off of the hard work and the accomplishments of others. The parasitism of the Democrat Party is hollowing out the United States, just as Leftist parties around the globe, and particularly in the West, are hollowing out their host nations. Any 'progress' achieved by Leftism is inevitably illusory, and often dangerously delusional. The full cost of Leftist policies becomes apparent only in the fullness of time when it is measured in human suffering and blood.

In the end analysis, Leftism is a narcissistic, virtually solipsistic form of Nihilism; it is the belief that only the self matters, and that anything that advances one's own interests is necessarily 'right'. For the Democrat, there is nothing that is inherently wrong, only things that are contextually detrimental to the Left's present goals, and, therefore, that are 'wrong'. In the Leftist, there is nothing of honor, loyalty, integrity, faithfulness, consistency, or dependability to be found, and they wear this lack of character and conscience with pride.

In short: As Leftism is evil, so Democrats are evil, and so are their goals. Further, the outcome of Leftists wielding power is inevitably evil. Therefore, they must be defeated at any cost and by any means necessary.