Ad Astra per Aspera


The American Nationalist movement is currently rudderless, adrift on a sea of perils where every shore offers opportunity if only one can be reached. We are leaderless(fn), our platform is non-existence, and our plans are underdeveloped or wholly absent. Wars are won or lost on resources, logistics, and strategy, in that order, and make no mistake: We are at war.

Where are our supply lines? Where is our base of operations? To what location may we repair and from which regroup and relaunch operations? We hold no territory, we control no political entities or institutions, and we have no politicians who carry our banners. Each of us lives, largely isolated from his peers, in enemy territory. This is no way to conduct a Crusade.

While ideology and end goals are important, food and shelter are necessary. Our adversaries seek to weaken and then to control or to destroy us by denying us gainful employment, by destroying our social lives, and by rendering us personae non gratae through their control of the Media, both traditional and social. We must answer their strategy with a superior one of our own: We must build our own infrastructure and thereby facilitate our own ends.

However, infrastructure alone is insufficient to win this conflict. We must become a true movement. We must have an Ideology which we all profess, we must have symbols to which we all adhere, and we must control territory on which to build our infrastructure and from which to plan, launch, and run our operations. This is a campaign, not a single battle. We must plan for the long term, but continue to act in the present.

First, we must have a coherent Ideology, which we all profess, and such an Ideology must include a religion, which we all confess. For true members of our movement, that religion has always been and will forever be Christianity. We shall conquer, either under the banner of Christ and our Reformed Church or not at all.

The internecine conflicts of the past must be cast aside, at least for a time. At some future date when we are victorious and our enemies lie smoldering on the ash heap of history, we may then revisit old debates, but not before then(fn). We must present a unified front, and this means that each member of the movement must confess publicly his belief in and adherence to the Faith. In private, the state of a man's soul is a matter only for him, his wife, his advisors, and God. Private doubts, however, must not be aired publicly and thereby allowed to undermine our unity as a movement.

Second, we must acquire territory in and from which we may freely operate. This does not mean secession or a shadow Government; rather, we must, en masse, relocate within the United States and seize, through legal means, control over a State Government and all subsidiaries thereof. We must have our own towns, our own cities, our own law enforcement, and our own territory.

We shall use this base of operations to build up our own infrastructure and our own institutions. We shall show the rest of the Country how things could be, how they should be. No longer shall our People fear for their or their families' fates if they should dare to speak the truth publicly. We must create a new home for our People.

The road ahead is hard and there are no shortcuts. We must put aside all that has heretofore divided us and march onward, unified as one People and clear in our pursuits. From one State, we shall expand outward and reclaim our Country, a Country that is ours by Right. In time, the whole of the West shall be unified under our stewardship and control, one Government dedicated to the preservation and the advancement of our People. To accomplish this, we must appoint ourselves a Leader, one Leader who will plan, organize, and prosecute our Crusade.

For our People, that our children might have futures, we must unify as one to ensure our survival. We are faced with the salvage of a shipwrecked world, but we are more than a match for the tasks presented. We will organize, we will unify, we will march, and we will triumph. The future, the world, and every star in the skies belong to our children. We will allow nothing to deny us our birthright.