Never Forget: They Want You Dead


We have, for some decades now, improperly framed the conflict between Right and Left. We are not facing a loyal opposition who merely hold ideas different from our own. We are engaged in a life-or-death struggle between order and chaos, between good and evil.

Many on the Right will object to this characterization, but such objections are based upon a yearning for a time long dead. There was a time in our nation's history when each side of a given political disagreement could be assumed to be acting in good faith, merely disagreeing on how best to pursue the nation's interests. This is no longer the case. Today, only one side of the political divide seeks the nation's good; the other side seeks not merely the radical transformation of the nation, but her destruction. Democrats and other Leftists are not the opposition; they are the enemy.

We are, in point of fact, engaged in a war, and this is a large part of the reason so many refuse to recognize the truth. To the side unaware that it is fighting a war will not go the victory. Political violence has become routine for the Left. From small-scale attacks on individual members of the Right to large-scale attacks like the one in Las Vegas and the attempted assassination of part of the Republican leadership at a softball game, the Left have made clear that their objective is the eradication of the Right, and they have no qualms when it comes to using violence. In fact, the Left prefer violence, because dead men cannot vote or stand for reelection.

Those on the Right are naturally averse to labelling their political opponents as enemies. Unfortunately, the Left has never truly had such an aversion, and the modern Left revels in the escalating conflict. In war, the enemy gets a say in when hostilities commence and when they end. Regardless of what we may prefer, the Left have declared war.

The bodycount of Leftism is unrivaled in human history. Over one hundred million people were murdered by Communists in the twentieth century alone; the Democrats are seeking to top that 'high score' here in the twenty-first. Already, the Democrats are calling for firearm confiscation and the execution of anyone who resists. If this is how they act when we are armed, imagine what they will do when we are defenseless. Make no mistake: If you are viewed as an 'enemy' of what the Left view as progress, then they want you and your family dead.

We live in dangerous times, and they are most certainly not getting better. If we are going to survive what is coming, we are going to need to accept the facts on the ground, and soon. The Democrats and various other Leftists are our enemies, and they want each and every one of us dead. We did not want and we did not start this war, but, if we wish to survive, we will have to prosecute and end it.