Only the Head May — Must — Rule


As Christ is the Head of the Church, so man is the head of woman. As one should not be ruled by one's stomach or other baser urges, so man should not be ruled by woman. It is not a matter of domineering on the part of men over women; rather, it is a matter of overruling attempts by women to domineer men.

Improper authority is always held tenuously, and this is why when women are in positions of authority over men, they exercise that authority arbitrarily, capriciously. Improper authority is weak, afraid, and precarious; it insists upon itself in the hope of generating legitimacy through exercise. The more improper the authority, the more active it will be.

Proper authority need not insist upon itself except under truly abnormal or urgent circumstances. A man does not need to insist upon his authority over his wife, for such a power dynamic is obvious; contra such a natural state of affairs, women must always insist upon any improper authority they seize and attempt to exercise over men.