Si Vis Bellum, Para Pacem


You cannot reason with a revolutionary. A rebel may be brought to the table, may be reasoned with, will be willing to negotiate, but a revolutionary has no reason — a revolutionary has goals, and ideas. The idealist will never be content with any state of affairs that is obtainable in reality, and a disillusioned idealist will seek to destroy the reality that — to his mind — has denied him his utopia. The revolutionary is always out for — and truly understands only — blood.

Many on the political Right have forgotten this lesson. The Western Left are not a 'loyal opposition or dissenters or rebels — they are revolutionaries; their goal is to burn everything to ash and build again — they are year-zero fanatics. To attempt to reason with such enemies — and they are enemies, not mere opponents — is suicidal.

So, how does one deal with year-zero revolutionaries? The first step is simply recognizing them for what they are — and recognizing our present conflict for what it is. If you do not recognize that you are engaged in a war, you are unlikely to emerge victorious. The Right are engaged in a political struggle; the Left are waging a total war. It does not take a genius to see which side will win if matters continue as they are now. The Left are your enemies — your goal must be to destroy them. Neither half-measures nor elections win wars.

From our present position of relative material comfort, many are not simply incapable of seeing what is coming, but are utterly unwilling to listen to any who are shouting warnings. The ship of State is sinking, and many yet insist that our most pressing concern must be the dinner menu. The dessert course never comes for those who drown with their aperitif in hand. Many fools have died with incredulous denial being the last thing to pass their lips.

Some will look at family and friends who are on the political Left and think that surely the Left cannot be half as bad as I say, half so bad as they seem. And yet they are. Many muslims seem quite reasonable and mild; that is because they are not the ones tasked with slitting your throat — that falls to the zealots. Similarly, your Left-leaning family and friends are not the ones who will line you up against the wall — that task falls to the zealots (e.g., Antifa) — but they will, just like the 'moderate' Muslims, happily betray you to the zealots and (quietly or not) approve of whatever end you may meet.

To find reality distasteful does not alter said reality one iota. Saying that you are tired of trench warfare, standing up, and starting to walk away may very well, from your perspective, end the war, but that is likely not your preferred outcome. Like it or not — and you probably should not like it — you are a soldier on a battlefield. Act accordingly.