It Is That You Are a Moron


If I were your best friend and I invited you to dinner, and, then, in the middle of the dessert course, produced a crossbow from its concealment under the table and shot you square in the chest, it would be unreasonable to call you a fool for accepting my invitation. On the other hand, if your most inveterate enemy invited you to dinner, and expressed, alongside such invitation, a desire to murder you, you could reasonably be called a fool for accepting the invitation when, during the appetizer course, he produces a knife, clambers over the table, and stabs you square in the face. In the first case, you did not deserve your fate; in the second, you more or less did.

And yet vanishingly few, particularly on the Right and particularly among the older generations, recognize this reality. Some will argue that things should not be that way; even if we grant such premise — arguendo — then the reality still remains unchanged. Telling a bear that he should not eat you will not stop him from doing so. Similarly, telling your political opponents that they should 'play by the rules' will not cause them to do so; in fact, your words will probably just encourage them to commit further violations. Politics is not a board game, and there is no arbitrator to enforce rules.

If you earnestly argue that your political opponents are hypocrites, then all you have accomplished is revealing yourself to be a moron. Why should your enemy care about hypocrisy? If your enemy's goal is to line you up against a wall and put a bullet through your head, then he is certainly not going to care about following some supposed set of rules — no matter their pedigree.

In a war of annihilation, all means are permissible. The Left are waging a war of annihilation; few on the Right realize this. If one side comes to the battle with firearms and the other with water guns, then it takes neither a genius nor a savant to accurately predict which side will win. If you are fighting for the good, the beautiful, and the true, then you do no one any favors by imposing upon yourself restrictions that will all but ensure your ultimate defeat. If a battle is worth fighting, then it is worth fighting to win.

So we return to politics. The Left have been winning for more than a century, and many on the Right can muster little more than a self-righteous and indignant critique of how the Left are winning. Once they laughed at you behind closed doors; now, they mock you to your face. Such fools deserve far worse than they have heretofore received. The man who is unwilling to slide the (metaphorical) shiv between his opponent's ribs the second the opportunity presents itself is unfit for modern politics, much as the soldier who hesitates to fire upon his enemy is unworthy of his uniform.

Politics is war by other means. Those who forget this truth condemn their grandchildren to mass graves. Those who will push the lifeless corpse that was once your grandchild into a pit will not hesitate because you called them hypocrites — but they may chuckle.

When I am weaker than you, I ask you for freedom because that is according to your principles; when I am stronger than you, I take away your freedom because that is according to my principles.