Stone Brewing Co. Beer Festival Schedule for 2015

For those of you in California who like beer, Stone Brewing Co. just sent out their beer festival newsletter for 2015. The dates are as follows: Belgian Fest — Sunday 22 February 2015 Oakquinox — Sunday 26 April 2015 Sour Fest — Sunday 28 June 2015 19th Anniversary —...

Little Snitch on Sale

There are dozens of applications and services on your computer which connect to the Internet. These applications/services often run in the background and send off various data to remote servers. Most of this background data transfer is harmless (e.g., iTunes looking...

Writer Pro for OS X and iOS

Writer Pro (OS X and iOS) is the most recent release from Information Architects, Inc. (well, technically, the app is released by iA Labs GmBH, but the corporate structure of iA isn’t exactly the focus of this article) and promises to extend the functionality of their previous app, iA Writer (OS X and iOS), which is, in its own right, one of the most popular writing apps ever to appear on the App Store (after Apple’s own Pages; OS X and iOS). So, is the new suite of apps (OS X application and iOS app, hereafter “apps” or “applications”) worth the $40 initial investment? Short answer: Maybe.

Better Rename 9 on Sale for 99¢

Note: This sale has ended. Better Rename 9 is on sale (today only on the Mac App Store) for 99¢. Grab it while you can: Better Rename 9. For those using OS X, today’s ZeroNinetyNine deal includes Better Rename 9, which is easily the best application for renaming...

Custom URL Shortener Update

As many of you have likely noticed, I use a custom URL shortener for links across my sites (i.e., At present, and for the next twelve hours or so, that URL shortener will be unavailable, as I am moving from my self-hosted solution (based on YOURLS) to one...

Better Rename 9 on Sale for $2

Note: This sale has ended. For those using OS X, today’s Two Dollar Tuesday deal includes Better Rename 9, which is easily the best application for renaming large numbers of files quickly, efficiently, and intuitively. More from (the...

Text Utilities

While working with some links earlier, I noticed that my favourite text utility site was offline. A couple quick searches later and I had found the source code used for that page (which is, thankfully, open source). In order to avoid downtime in the future, I have...

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AirPort Utility v5.6.1 Launcher – Alternative Download Location

Every so often, my site seems to encounter some sort of caching issue which renders the download buttons for my AirPort Utility v5.6.1 Launcher inoperable. In the interest of ensuring that people are always able to download the Launcher, I am making available an alternative download location. Simply complete the captcha, infra, and you’ll be […]


AirPort Utility 5.6.1 Launcher

This note contains a downloadable version of my AirPort Utility Launcher which does not contain AirPort Utility v5.6.1 itself. The original purpose of this note was to make the Launcher available without any Apple-created code being distributed with it so that people could post links to the solution (i.e., the way to manage older AirPort […]


Google Authenticator v2.0.0: Back Up before Updating {Updated}

The Google Authenticator app for iOS was recently updated to v2.0.0. The good news: The update seems to have addressed several matters; as the description from Google puts it:


Web Access to Gmail Is Not Secure

For those who are accessing their Gmail accounts via browser (i.e., visiting, it may come as a slight surprise that, despite accessing Gmail’s web interface via https, those connections are not truly secure. This stems from two factors: the advance of computing hardware and the inherent vulnerability of RSA to brute-force attacks.


Which technology drives Prism?

The answer, most likely, is Narus, a wholly owned subsidiary of Boeing. Narus provides a rather aptly named (and quite apropos) diagram of how their system works: .


First Confirmed Case of Ebola in the US

With the first confirmed case of Ebola in the US in Dallas, TX, Government and news agencies are rushing to allay fears by stating that Ebola is “only spread via direct contact with body fluids”. The problem? These statements are naïvely hopeful at best, and outright lies at worst. Back in 2012, Canadian researchers showed […]


China’s Moon Landing

While there is a significant difference between landing a rover on an extraterrestrial body and landing a human on one, China’s achievement is undoubtedly and undeniably significant. However, the real highlight isn’t China’s success, but the failure of Western governments properly to fund and to pursue space exploration. The fact that thirty-seven years separate the […]


Military Coup in Egypt

It would appear that the Egyptian military has ousted the (supposedly) democratically-elected Muslim Brotherhood Government led by Mohamed Morsi. The head of Egypt’s military, Gen. Abdel Fatah Said Al-Sisi, has announced that the Chairman of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Adly Mansour, will assume the position of acting president until elections can be held. […]


AI Proximity Mines

The true danger posed by artificial intelligence is not that we will wipe ourselves from this Universe through misstep or misfortune, but that Others have already done so and, consequently, that this Universe, out into which we are just now taking our first steps, is littered with the remnants of civilizations which brought ruin upon […]