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Terrorist Attack at Ohio State

And the Foam-at-the-Mouth Insanity of the Left

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‘Fake News’, Real Infringements

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In Which Socialists Make Libertarians Seem Rational

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The Press, Lying

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Hillary Clinton’s Emails and Email Server

It Was Never Really about Emails and Email Servers

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Suppression by Investigation

How the Left Use Governmental Power to Silence Opponents

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Malicious Amphibians and Cynical Politicians

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Leftism and the Ongoing ‘Sexual Revolution’

Where Ideology Trumps Both Common Sense and Basic Decency

The utter hostility of the American Left to basic reality would be staggering if it weren’t so predictable. Does anyone believe for even a moment that allowing men who ‘identify’ as women access to intimate settings (e.g., showers and sleeping … Continue reading

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