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Letter to President Harrison of the LCMS

On Race and Cultural Marxism

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The Unbroken Chain

Between Fate and Schicksal

The Germanic concept of Schicksal and the Anglo concept of fate are not coterminous. To the Anglo mind, long steeped in Liberalism1, fate is something to be hated, feared, reviled, avoided, subverted, or overcome — or at least lamented; to the … Continue reading

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Of Truth and Redirection

Alle Schwärmer sind eins — all enthusiasts are one. Some will surely contend this cannot be so. Are the Pentecostal, the Arian, the Baptist, and the outwardly zealous 'convert' truly the same? Yes, for all error is one — for … Continue reading

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On the Year-Zero Revolutionary

Si Vis Bellum, Para Pacem

You cannot reason with a revolutionary. A rebel may be brought to the table, may be reasoned with, will be willing to negotiate, but a revolutionary has no reason — a revolutionary has goals, and ideas. The idealist will never … Continue reading

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On the Reality of Human Race

Creation, Selection, Descent, and Truth

There are some issues so obvious that one would be excused for presuming that they need not be explicitly addressed, but we live in an era when men and women look at their own naked bodies in the mirror and … Continue reading

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It Is Not That the Left Are Hypocrites

It Is That You Are a Moron

If I were your best friend and I invited you to dinner, and, then, in the middle of the dessert course, produced a crossbow from its concealment under the table and shot you square in the chest, it would be … Continue reading

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A Patch of Cloth for Caesar

On Faithlessness, Cowardice, and Complicity

For a man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God[.] We are told, ad nauseam, that those in and from the East are more willing to wear masks; further, we are told … Continue reading

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The World Is a Stage

Nations Are Actors

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Of Pills, Pride, and Pricks

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The Holocaust Is Irrelevant

Okay, fine: The title of this article is (a little) hyperbolic, but hear me out. Do you know how many died in the Mongol conquests? How many fell at the Siege of Vienna? How many lives did the Battle of … Continue reading

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