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According to Christian theology, the first human beings to walk the Earth were Adam and Eve. For the purposes of reconciling God’s omnibenevolence with the existence of evil, this provides a convenient starting point (with a very convenient minimum of … Continue reading

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The European Peoples and Christianity

I do not believe that God leaves, or causes, any to walk in darkness. I believe that all men in all ages have been granted glimpses of the Light; for some it has been the mere flashes of a candle … Continue reading

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If Living, Then Not Both Rational and Honest

Anyone who claims to be an Atheist should immediately lose any and all credibility with rational men, for an Atheist can be at most two of the following things: alive, rational, and honest. Naturally, this means that a living Atheist … Continue reading

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The Theology of Hell

There is, perhaps, no more contentious part of Christian theology than Hell. Other parts of the theology1 occasionally cause controversy (particularly in our increasingly immoral and decadent society in the West), but little can compare with the assertion that all … Continue reading

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Stages of Existence

For humans, existence progresses through six stages; these stages are as follows: creation, embodiment, life, death, judgement, and eternity.

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