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Killing Abortionists Is Moral

A Threat of Deadly Force against an Innocent Engenders a Moral Duty to Defend

For nearly fifty years now, opponents of abortion have been making increasingly weak claims. I do not mean to say that the central argument on the anti-abortion1 side (i.e., that a fetus is a human being worthy of protection) has … Continue reading

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War of Words

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Blessing and Curse

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The Nihilistic Left

How Leftists around the World Care Only for Themselves

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Right versus Left: Good versus Evil

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Unjustifiable Abortions Are Morally Impermissible

Human life has a beginning and an end. Both of these (i.e., the beginning and the end) are morally salient. Murder is the wrongful killing of one human being by another. Conception represents a change in kind, not merely in … Continue reading

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The European Peoples and Christianity

In Christ, Our Mythology Is Complete

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Free Speech, Corporations, and Dissent

On the Constructive Denial of Rights

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All Religions Are Not Equal

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The Way, The Truth, and The Life

On the Total Incompatibility of Christianity and Relativism

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