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Interest-Free Food, Medicine, and Hygiene Purchases

A Modest Proposal to Alleviate Some of the Financial Hardship from COVID-19

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Killing Abortionists Is Moral

A Threat of Deadly Force against an Innocent Engenders a Moral Duty to Defend

For nearly fifty years now, opponents of abortion have been making increasingly weak claims. I do not mean to say that the central argument on the anti-abortion1 side (i.e., that a fetus is a human being worthy of protection) has … Continue reading

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The Muslim: Hostis Humani Generis

How Islam Is Different, and Why It Matters

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Unjustifiable Abortions Are Morally Impermissible

Human life has a beginning and an end. Both of these (i.e., the beginning and the end) are morally salient. Murder is the wrongful killing of one human being by another. Conception represents a change in kind, not merely in … Continue reading

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Leftism and the Ongoing ‘Sexual Revolution’

Where Ideology Trumps Both Common Sense and Basic Decency

The utter hostility of the American Left to basic reality would be staggering if it weren’t so predictable. Does anyone believe for even a moment that allowing men who ‘identify’ as women access to intimate settings (e.g., showers and sleeping … Continue reading

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