The American Nationalist Movement: An Inflection Point

Ad Astra Per Aspera

The American Nationalist movement is currently rudderless, adrift on a sea of perils where every shore offers opportunity if only one can be reached. We are leaderless1, our platform is non-existent, and our plans are underdeveloped or wholly absent. Wars are won or lost on resources, logistics, and strategy, in that order, and make no mistake: We are at war.

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Stone Brewing ‘Streamlines’ Event Calendar for 2017

Oakquinox, Pour It Black, and the Rare Beer Breakfast Are History

For a number of years now, I’ve been attending most of Stone Brewing’s events in Escondido/San Diego. In my experience, the events have tended to draw large, enthusiastic crowds.[1] As Oakquinox is typically in March (and I am currently not in California), I sent Stone Brewing a message asking for details for Oakquinox 2017 (as the event calendar didn’t have it listed yet). To my surprise, I received the following email in response:

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Michael Baroni Caves to the Totalitarian Left

The Craven Abandonment of Patriotism, Law and Order, and Free Speech by the OCBA President

The “President’s Page” is a recurring section in the OC Lawyer magazine (the primary publication of the Orange County Bar Association). In that section, the president of the Association often lays out his priorities, comments on developments in the law, et cetera. In large part, the “President’s Page” presents the president of the OCBA with his best opportunity to address the OCBA membership as a whole.

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State of Play: 31 Jan 2017

President Donald J. Trump’s Executive Orders and the Panicked Left

While it is, at present, only in the fever dreams of the far (read: insane) Left that President Trump is anything even akin to a dictator, should we, at some future point, find ourselves in a situation where President Trump is on the verge of transcending the restrictions of the Constitution, it will be because of the Left. The response to the handful of Executive Orders issued by President Trump in the last week and a half has been nothing short of actual insanity. What the Left hopes to accomplish with these tactics (if they can even charitably be called that) is anyone’s guess at this point. However, it is worth noting that the actual effects are far different from anything the Left likely intends.

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An Ascendant Right, a Terrified Left

For Once, Leftists May Be Right

For decades, the American Left1 has worked to erode Western Culture and Western Civilization. Seldom has the Left encountered an anti-America, anti-West cause behind which it wouldn’t readily rally. Through a combination of propaganda2; infiltration and corruption of the legal system3; creeping Governmental intrusion into the private lives of citizens4 and into the economy5; and a campaign of harassment, intimidation, coercion, persecution, and outright violence against political opponents, both actual and perceived, the Left has slowly eroded the fundamental freedoms and liberties that have, for nearly a quarter of a millennium, defined the Republic and made America unique amongst Nations. Finding themselves suddenly disempowered after so long virtually unopposed, the Left is now terrified of what an ascendant Right might do. For once, the Leftists may be right.
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The Second Amendment, the Supreme Court, and Hillary Clinton

Against Reliance on Positive Law Arguments

On 18 April 1775, a middle-aged man in Boston sat, almost certainly in his study, and, as a warm fire crackled1, set quill to paper. That man was General Thomas Gage, and the letter he wrote to Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith contained an order, an order that became the proximate cause of the American Revolution. The contents of that order? A command to march on Concord and “seize and [destroy] all Artillery, Ammunition, Provisions, Tents, Small Arms, and Military Stores whatever”.
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Hillary Clinton’s Emails and Email Server

It Was Never Really about Emails and Email Servers

For those not keeping score, Hillary Clinton is on scandal seven hundred and forty-three1 of her (over)long political career. The scandal du jour (at this point, du mois or de l’année might actually be more apropos) is the fact that Hillary Clinton kept a private email server in her closet and used it to send emails concerning private and public matters, and that some of the emails that transited2 that server contained classified information. At least this is the narrative that most news outlets have been pushing. In reality, the emails and the email server have very little to do with the intense voter backlash Clinton has experienced subsequent revelations about her numerous email scandals3. In reality, it is the scandals themselves, numerous and often heinous as they are, that are the source of this abiding interest in the email shenanigans.
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Quantum Silence

An Answer to Fermi’s Paradox

On its site about the status of a “warp drive” (no, really), NASA has a useful ruler for measuring the development of any particular technology. This ruler has five stages:

The very beginning of the quest for knowledge. This is when you know what you’d like to accomplish, but you have no idea if it is even possible.
When you have learned enough to know what you do know, and know what you don’t toward solving the problem.
The level when you have learned how nature works. You now know if something can be done and what it will involve.
The level when you can begin to engineer and build working devices to apply those laws of nature to answer your goal.
The final state when the technology is good enough to be put to common use. Cars, airplanes, microwave ovens are all in this category.

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Killing Abortionists Is Moral

A Threat of Deadly Force against an Innocent Engenders a Moral Duty to Defend

What follows is an argument built upon a number of premises, some of them more contentious than others. Should you reject any of the main premises, you will necessarily reject the conclusions1. If, however, you find that you agree with all of the (main) premises, you must necessarily accept the conclusions. If you find that you reject any of the premises, then this argument may not be for you, and that is not unintentional. This argument is meant for those who 1) believe in the Natural Law and 2) believe that human life begins at some point prior to birth2. If you, incorrectly, believe that either of the foregoing points is untrue (or you’re the sort of person who likes to double down on mistakes and believe them both untrue), I still welcome you to continue reading if only for curiosity’s sake.

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Copying and Pasting Passwords

If You Want Secure Passwords, Don’t Disable Copy and Paste

There seems to be a trend among major websites to ‘disallow’ copying and pasting of passwords (generally through JavaScript and other similar means). The thinking behind this is that users who copy and paste their passwords are more likely to forget them and disallowing copy and paste will somehow increase the security of the site implementing the block (e.g., by thwarting some of the more rudimentary brute-force attacks). This line of thinking is incredibly misguided.

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