Sanders-Cruz Debate: Economics

The Sanders-Cruz debate was a welcome breath of fresh air in our otherwise stagnant national political discourse. Of course, it would be more welcome if Senator Sanders could find the time to take a remedial economics course, but that may be too much to expect from a man who once described the classroom as "boring and irrelevant"[^1].

As a general rule: If you cannot label[^2] the following chart, you should not be discussing economics.

[^1]: While it is tempting to make the easy "much like Mr. Sanders himself" remark, it would be inaccurate; in truth, Senator Sanders is seldom boring (if often tedious) and far from irrelevant (as he has quite a following amongst the illiterati).

[^2]: For Mr. Sanders, I would even be willing to go so far as to offer him some letters with which to start: D, P, Q, & S.

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