Stone Brewing ‘Streamlines’ Event Calendar for 2017

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For a number of years now, I’ve been attending most of Stone Brewing’s events in Escondido/San Diego. In my experience, the events have tended to draw large, enthusiastic crowds.[1] As Oakquinox is typically in March (and I am currently not in California), I sent Stone Brewing a message asking for details for Oakquinox 2017 (as the event calendar didn’t have it listed yet). To my surprise, I received the following email in response:

Hi Corey,

Oakquinox will not be happening this year as it has in previous years. We will roll this and two other festivals (Pour It Black and Rare Beer Breakfast) into one EPIC festival on Sunday, November 5th from 10am–2pm (details subject to change).

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you then!


Mitch Tastrom
Indoctrination Specialist
Brewery Tours & Customer Service

Stone Brewing
1999 Citracado Parkway
Escondido, CA 92029

  • Stone Brewing – Oakquinox (2017)
  • Stone Brewing – Sourfest (2017)?
  • Stone Brewing – Pour It Black (2017)
  • Stone Brewing – Rare Beer Breakfast (2017)

To say the least, I am disappointed (and I would venture the same could be said of many others). Oakquinox and Pour It Black were easily two of my favorite Stone Brewing events (after their Brewers Reception and anniversary celebration). I even have three shelves virtually dedicated to Stone Brewing glassware (a special sampler glass is part of each of the events) in my office. It seems odd that they would, effectively, kill Oakquinox, Pour It Black, and the Rare Beer Breakfast.

Naturally, it’s entirely up to Stone Brewing to retain or to cancel their events as they see fit. Nevertheless, it’s sad to see three great events get cobbled together into a single four-hour event (even if it will be, as promised, “epic”). I guess I’ll have a few new openings in my event calendar this year.

  1. It’s also worth noting that for an event centered around alcohol, I have never seen a single serious altercation at a Stone Brewing event; the people I’ve met have been affable and the crowds orderly.  ↩
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